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We have placed one vertical press with clamping force of 35 tons. for moulding process of micro components in rubber and rubber-metal and another one horizontal with a clamping force of 55 tons. for moulding of organic and silicone compounds

We have installed 2 optical machines for dimensional inspection and an optical system for dimensional control and surface defects detection.

We have installed 2 "Desma" presses for injection moulding of rubber and silicone, with a clamping force of 110 tons.

Updating of the compression moulding and mixing production departments

Acquisition of a new ATOM plant for mechanical cutting, starting up of a new production department and a warehouse of finished rubber parts and silicone parts both compact and sponge.

Acquisition of a new plant for compression moulding of parts with length up to 2000 mm.

Acquisizione nuovo impianto SASPOL per stampaggio 300 Ton., di ultima generazione con dimensione utile dei piani di riscaldo mm 700x700, camera vuoto integrale per la totale eliminazione dei difetti dovuti ad inclusione di aria e gas durante il processo di stampaggio.